Fun for pooches at Ellon fundraiser

Organiser Myra Stewart
Organiser Myra Stewart

Ellon’s Christmas doggie party saw dressed up dogs turn out for a great night of fundraising.

Organiser Myra Stewart said that the event went ‘very well’ with more than 30 dogs attending.

Hagen and Wallace arrive all dressed up for the party

Hagen and Wallace arrive all dressed up for the party

For Myra, this year’s party was of particular personal relevance.

She told the Times: “We normally have a party to raise funds for something animal related every year, but this year it was personal and for a human cause.”

Myra’s sister died of a stroke this year and was in hospital for nine months, so she decided to raise this money for the stroke unit.

This year’s doggies party saw around £300 raised through tickets and raffles.

The dogs had great fun too with the various party games on offer.

Myra added: “We had pass the parcel and musical chairs and some dogs even came in fancy dress!”

Myra offers obedience classes for dogs of all ages throughout their life.

Any dog with their owner can attend, as long as they have had the go-ahead from their vet.

Classes run from 7 to 9pm in the Victoria Hall throughout the year, only taking a break over Christmas and New Year.

To find out more, call Myra on 01358 722501.