Gadgets - we just love them

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We’re a nation of gadget lovers, everything from electronics to egg slicers cluttering our cupboards and drawers, often unused.

Apparently we all use 31 gadgets every day, according to a new survey.

But the nature of the gadgets we love has changed.

Electronic gizmos now top the poll, apparently, with the wifi router, smartphone and plug-in charger topping the list of our favourite gadgets.

In fact, more people use these gadgets daily than use standard kitchen equipment such as kettles and dishwashers.

The computer mouse, tablet computer, desktop PC, laptop computer, and headphones all also make the top ten.

Only two non-technology related gadgets appear in the countdown - the television and the kettle at numbers four and five respectively.

Dan Hutchinson, editor-in-chief for Gadget magazine, said: “Since before the Great Exhibition in 1851, the UK has been at the forefront of both innovating new technology and jumping at the chance to use it. Us Britons just love gadgets.”

He defined what a gadget is: “The term gadget is a catch-all for useful items that help us complete tasks and errands,” commenting: “as a race we humans just can’t get enough of them.

“The incredible growth in people’s use of gadgets shows no sign of abating,” added Dan, “and the journey of products from fanciful glimpses of the future to unquestioned features of daily life is happening more quickly than ever.”