Garioch Community Kitchen to deliver a ‘Healthy Heart’

Development Worker Laurie Fallon who will be delivering the Healthy Heart Challenge Classes
Development Worker Laurie Fallon who will be delivering the Healthy Heart Challenge Classes

The Garioch Community Kitchen, at the Wyness Hall in Inverurie will be serving up a “Healthy Heart” opportunity for individuals who have been diagnosed with health conditions.

The Community Kitchen has been given a £5,000 grant by national charity Heart Research UK to run its “Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind” project which will help people who have fallen ill due to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles.

The four lots of eight week sessions have an emphasis on regular exercise and food education, hoping the combination of the two will be more effective in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Visual aids such as a clogged artery model will show what a high saturated fat diet can do, and plastic food will be used to demonstrate food groups and portion control as a way of sharing the basic healthy eating messages.

Cooking sessions will show how budget-friendly recipes, understanding labels and healthier cooking methods are essential to a healthy heart.

The project has the backing of Aberdeen Football Club in the creation of a ‘men only’ programme which will aim to encourage people to join the 30 minute walking football sessions - hoping the power of the links with the football club will boost the number of men attending.

A three month follow up session will allow people to see how effective the programme was at promoting heart health by comparing baseline assessments from the beginning and end of the course.

The kitchen will reach out to 40 people from the community to help in the fight against obesity and social isolation, and hopes it will build self-confidence for participants so they can share their knowledge with friends and family.

Laurie Fallon, Development Worker at The Garioch Community Kitchen is delighted they have been awarded funding from Heart Research UK. She said, “The funding will allow us to deliver a number of Healthy Heart Challenge classes to the people living in the North East of Scotland including a ‘men only’ eight week programme which will run in conjunction with Aberdeen Football club incorporating walking football to entice those who are now past running the full length of the pitch at Pittodrie.

“These classes are a fun and relaxed way of receiving support, providing ‘hands on’ cooking experience and learning lifelong skills that will allow people to lead a healthier lifestyle in an achievable and sustainable way.”

Heart Research UK National Director, Barbara Harpham, said: “Even small lifestyle changes in healthier eating, and getting more exercise, can help people to live healthier, lives.”