Golf film from 1914 discovered

A golfer takes a shot and Cruden Bay Hotel can be seen in the background
A golfer takes a shot and Cruden Bay Hotel can be seen in the background

A VIDEO showing Cruden Bay Golf Club dating back to 1914 has been discovered online.

The 99-year-old film was found on the National Library of Scotland website by a member of the golf club.

The film is named ‘Slains Castle’, is black and white in picture, silent and lasts approximately eight minutes.

General Manager of Cruden Bay Golf Club, Les Durno, contacted the Royal and Ancient Golf Museum staff in St Andrews to see if they could establish the identity of the golfers in the footage.

Museum staff later confirmed the players and sent Mr Durno clippings of the print production ‘Golf Illustrated’ dated 1914 which includes features on the golf tournament shown in the footage.

On the discovery of the footage Mr Durno said: “The golf club feels that such footage should be shared with both members and visitors alike as it is part of our great golf heritage.

“The start of the footage is of many competitors and spectators leaving the splendid Cruden Bay Hotel which was owned and operated by the Great North of Scotland Railway.

“The hotel was promoted as a health resort and guests would disembark from the railway and be transferred to the front door by electric trams. The resort was often filled to capacity by gentry from all over the UK.

“We have purchased the rights to show the film in the clubhouse and will highlight the two golfers in the match - Harry Vardon and Ted Ray, both ex-British Open champions.

“Having such footage on display during our busy summer months will be of great interest to our visitors both from the UK and overseas and just reinforce the history that surrounds Cruden Bay Golf Club.

“We were always aware of the professional tournaments played here in the early 1900’s, but to unearth such high quality footage, of famous professional golfers of the time is fantastic.”