Gordons parade at Udny Castle - 1899.

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Weel weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

Es past twa three days A’ve bin keepit rale busy at mi desk here, A’ve bin re-jiggin some o mi slide presentations n bringin some o them a bittie mair up ti date. Gin e time yer readin mi screevins for es month A’ll hae got yokit wi anither winter circuit o mi talks n slide programmes agin.

Noo as A wis searchin throu mi boxies o slides here -- dinna ask mi foo mony slides A’ve got, there maun be a twa three thoosan at least – A aye fa in wi anes aat A hivna seen for a whilie! Noo a lot o mi historical slides A made b copyin/photographin aal photographs ontil slide film (aats sumthin ye can hardly get nooadays!), bit A wis daein es awa back in e days lang afore there wis computers n printers n scanners n digital cameras! Ae set o slides aat A fell in wi wis o aal photos taen awa back in 1899 in e month o September fin e Gordon Highlanders veesited Udny Castle. E first three picters are o crowds o local fouk, ay, a twa three hunner there wid hiv bin baith adults n bairns, waitin at e North Lodge on the Auldmeldrum road.

Then there’s a picter o the Gordons mairchin in throu e Lodge Gates n then e neist twa are o them stannin at attention ootside e Castle. Sadly fa iver the photographer wis he teuk es twa picters fae e back, bit he did manage ti get roon til e front ti tak them as they mairched awa.

A maist interaistin historical record ti hae n as far as A’ve bin able ti find oot this cwid hiv bin e 1st Battalion o the Gordons jist afore they set aff for Capetown ti tak pairt in e Second Boer War, it laisted fae 1899 ti 1902. Like aa wars e Boer War wis a gey grim affair n aat’s pittin it mildly, e men on baith sides focht hard n suffered greatly. Ae report aat A read aboot e 2nd Battalion o the Gordons wis aat they hid bin detailed ti guard a train bit e train hid bin captured by 150 Boers. Hooiver e last four Gordons, eyven tho surrounded, they keepit on firin their guns until there wis jist ae man left. When e Boers captured him they speirt at him fit wey hid he nae surrenderd, ti which he replied “Fit wey, man, because we are Gordon Highlanders!”

If ony o mi Readers hiv ony information aboot es veesit ti Udny Castle A wid be afa interaisted ti hear fae ye.

Anither aal picter aat A fun in wi wis ane taen at the Udny Games bit there‘s nae date on it, hooiver gyaun bi the claes-style A wid say it wis in e early 1920’s. E picter is o a lad takin pairt in e pole vaultin. Noo fin ye see modern day pole vaultin the landing area is aa covered in plastic foam filled mats a twa three fit thick. Naethin like aat at e Udny Games circa 1920 – na, na, jist e girss-covered hard grun ti land on – ay, they waur made o teuch stuff back in those distant days!?