Hand in your old bikes!

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ROTARIANS in Ellon are seeking public support for a new project designed to bring mobility to Africa.

Saturday saw members of Ellon Rotary gather at the town’s Tesco with a selection of old bikes to raise awareness of the project in the town. The Jolerider project sees refurbished bikes dispatched from Britain for use in under-developed economies in Africa, where they provide a cheap, green, effective method of individual travel in areas without adequate roads infrastructure.

Rotarian Martin Forster said: “Long distances and lack of reliable transport are huge barriers in Africa to education. Many children cannot reach school, and those that can arrive late and exhausted after several hours walk. The negative impact on these children is evident, and the impact on their lives, permanent! African governments do not have money to build more schools, or provide fleets of school buses.

“Bikes are a simple, low-cost, low-tech solution to the problem. Almost everyone has one or more unused bikes in their garage or shed. Matched with money to ship them (£10 per bike), they can change a child’s life - permanently!”

Anyone with an old bike they no longer need can hand them over to any Rotarian in Ellon.