Harvest celebrations in Ellon

Harvest cans
Harvest cans

An Ellon Church gathered for a day of creativity as their traditional harvest celebrations got underway.

St Mary-on-the-Rock church was decorated with produce, many of it centred around the stacked pyramid of cans which were donated by, members of both St Mary’s and St James’ Cruden Bay, as well as members of the public.

After the usual service, the congregation were treated to a rather interesting talk by member, Bertha Dawson.

Bertha discussed a project she has finished which she started many years ago when she was instructing younger church members.

The project involved helping the members understand a little bit more about the Bible and about when and where it was written, and in a way that allowed the children to take part.

The children took empty matchboxes representing each of the 66 books that make up the Bible and covered each of them with coloured paper.

This was to represent where in the Bible each book could be found.

The next stage involved taking a small scroll of paper with a brief description of what each book was about and putting it inside each matchbox.

Finally, the completed matchboxes were put in a bookshelf and are now on display in the library of St Mary’s.