Brave Ellon girl’s cancer fight award

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AN AUCHTERELLON girl’s bravery has been recognised by Cancer Research UK with an award, after she successfully fought leukaemia.

Three-year-old Lily Brushneen, who stays with her parents Michael and Pamela in Auchterellon, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), a cancer of the white blood cells, in July 2009. However, following successful treatment, Lily is now getting back into the life of a normal, healthy three-year-old.

And now, she has been recognised for her perseverance with a ‘Little Star Award’, given by Cancer Research UK to children to acknowledge their triumph over adversity.

Lily’s proud parents told the Times that the family had been through massive emotional turmoil following the diagnosis, which entailed Lily being hospitalised for eight months in Glasgow.

Father Michael said: “Lily has been through such a lot, and Pam and I put her forward for this award because she deserves all the treats we can give her.

“She has been through the most traumatic experience yet, to look at her now, she is just like any other three-year-old, especially when you see her tearing around the house with her sister Isla, playing with her dolls or watching her favourite TV show Peppa Pig.

“For her strength during her treatment and getting to the stage she is at now, I think she is deserving of some kind of accolade. We also know that we owe Lily’s survival to the incredible advances that have been made in children’s cancer research, which is why we’re keen to do what we can to promote the amazing work of Cancer Research UK scientists, and encourage people to donate.”

Lily’s award is designed to raise awareness of the struggle children diagnosed with leukaemia face, as well as the huge leaps in knowledge which have improved survival rates for those with the condition.