Egg-citing developments at Auchtercrag House

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RESIDENTS at Auchtercrag House have been benefiting from the presence of some new visitors this week, after the hatching of ten chicks as part of a special programme..

The chicks were hatched at the home after staff took delivery of eggs and an incubator as part of a programme designed to let residents see the incubation process. The scheme - ‘The Living Eggs Experience’ - was adopted by Activities Co-ordinator Carol Wilson.

Carol told the Times: “Residents were keen on the idea of having an incubator and they were very excited when it arrived. Within a couple of days we were able to watch the eggs hatch, and the number of residents who have come out of their rooms to see the chickens has been fantastic.

“The hatching of the eggs was part of a special project organised by staff at the home as a means of encouraging residents to become more socially interactive and engage in practical activities. The chicks have also had a therapeutic affect on the home’s residents, who have been actively involved, from hatching the eggs to minding the chicks.”

She added that the chicks had reminded many residents of their rural childhoods.

“The response from this activity has been exceptional. It has brought back many wonderful memories of childhood, and early lives on farms. The whole experience has been a success.

The chicks have now taken up temporary residence at the home and when they are older they will be looked after by two of the carers who already keep hens.