Ellon mum: send me your stories!

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AN ELLON woman is seeking local input to a project she is currently undertaking for the Friends of the Special Nursery at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Kirsty Mills-Bishop, who stays at Fortreefarm Cottages near the town’s edge, says that she is collecting stories from those who have spent time at the hospital’s Special Nursery in an effort to compile scrapbooks detailing people’s experiences at the facility.

Speaking to the Times, she said that she had been motivated to undertake the project after the premature birth of twins Kai, and his brother Aiden - who, sadly, didn’t make it.

Kirsty said: “Kai went on a roller coaster journey while in Aberdeen Neonatal Unit, but after just over 14 weeks we were able to take him home.

“While in the unit we would spend time looking at photos they had on the wall of babies who had made it home. We would also read the stories on The Friends of the Special Nursery website, which gave us hope and comfort that there were others who had been in the same situation as us, and we might get Kai home.

“I’m currently in the middle of making up scrapbooks to be filled with photos and stories of the amazing babies who have spent time in Aberdeen Neonatal Unit. Everyone’s story is so very special, and we hope that sharing them can give some hope and inspiration to others in the same position. It would be great to get some families who had been in the unit years ago, and have miracle babies now in school, university or even have families of their own.

“If people just get in touch with me thorough my email, I can send them some more information. I’m really looking for some, ‘then and now’ photos with a wee story, but I know how busy life is and not every one will have the time to write a story, so even if I can only get ‘then and now photos’ or just ‘now’ photos and a birth weight.“

If you are interested in sharing your stories with Kirsty, she can be contacted at bishop_kirsty@hotmail.com.