Homecarer Kathleen steps down after 22 years

Ellon homecarer Kathleen McLean who has retired after 22 years of service.
Ellon homecarer Kathleen McLean who has retired after 22 years of service.

AN ELLON homecarer, who travelled to clients on her scooter, has retired after 22 years.

Kathleen McLean started working for Aberdeenshire Council as a part-time home help in 1990.

She said: “I didn’t have any qualifications when I started but I got lots of training from Aberdeenshire Council.

“I’ve met some wonderful people, had wonderful journeys across the Gordon District area on my scooter, enjoyed lots of laughs and have memories I will never forget.”

Kathleen’s career as a carer began when a friend, who knew she was looking for a part-time job, told her about a post as a home help with the council.

There was a small problem though, Kathleen couldn’t drive, so initially she could only work in the village where she lived.

Her supervisor then advised her to get a scooter, but it just sat in her garage.

Then one day her supervisor rang her and told her she had to collect something from a home help’s house.

Kathleen explained: “I was either too terrified to refuse, too scared to argue or too eager to please.

“I jumped on the scooter and that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.”

The home help job was very varied and could entail lighting the fire, carrying in the coal, chopping up the kindlers, washing dishes and making meals which included digging up potatoes from the garden. Kathleen later became a homecarer.

She rode off into the sunset following a recent retirement lunch.

Home care co-ordinator Angela Runcieman said: “I was lucky to have Kathleen as a member of my team, she is an extraordinary carer, and has a heart as big as a bucket.

“With Kathleen the clients came first and will greatly miss her as will all the staff and families of our clients.”