‘Kick habit for Christmas’, smokers urged

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North-East smokers are to be encouraged to kick the habit in the run-up to Christmas, as NHS Grampian launches a new campaign urging them to ‘stop and save’

“Christmas is a very expensive time, and we know that the cost of smoking cigarettes is often a huge burden for the poorest people in our community”, said Derek Petrie, Tobacco Control Co-ordinator for NHS Grampian.

“We know lots of smokers would like to stop, but they don’t know where to get that vital offer of help. We have one of Scotland’s biggest and most effective network of pharmacies delivering smoking cessation services. When you think of quitting smoking, simply walk into your local pharmacy, and you will be taking a great first step to a smoke-free future.”

By cutting out 20 cigarettes a day between now and Christmas Eve, campaign backers estimate that a smoker could save more than £400. By cutting out that same 20 a day for a whole year, a smoker could save over £2,500.

The campaign is being supported by local community pharmacies right across the North East. By joining the stop smoking scheme with their local community pharmacy, or a group of fellow stoppers with the Smoking Advice Service, smokers qualify for free Nicotine Replacement Therapy products, which assist people to stop smoking, as well as help and support to stay stopped.

NHS Grampian’s Smoking Advice Service is available on 0500 600 332.