McInnes supports National Epilepsy Week

North East MSP Alison McInnes joined colleagues from all parties to show support for National Epilepsy Week, and to help raise public awareness of the world’s most common neurological condition.

Alison, who is the deputy convener of parliament’s cross-party group on epilepsy, said: “Raising awareness about epilepsy is important because it touches the lives of so many people.”

Epilepsy Scotland Chief executive Lesslie Young said: “We value the support of every MSP who takes the needs of the most vulnerable to heart. Eight people develop epilepsy in Scotland every day. We’ve chosen achievement for this year’s National Epilepsy Week theme because each person can reach their potential with the right care and support. Our website will showcase the range of things people with epilepsy proudly achieve in 2012, whether it’s champion hurdler Dai Greene winning an Olympic medal or someone who learns to swim or drive. Individual dreams and personal ambitions differ, but research shows that good epilepsy management and accepting public attitudes aid people to realise their goals in life.”