MSP sees work of Community Pharmacies

Owner of Will Chemist in Inverurie Ian Will and MSP Mark McDonald
Owner of Will Chemist in Inverurie Ian Will and MSP Mark McDonald
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THE important and wide-ranging benefits Scotland’s network of Community Pharmacies brings to patients were highlighted when MSP Mark McDonald took time to visit Will Chemists in West High Street, Inverurie on Tuesday (November 27).

Mr McDonald was given information on the range of services delivered to 600,000 patients who go through the door of Scotland’s community pharmacies every day, including the Chronic Medication Service, the public health campaigns and successful interventions such as smoking cessation.

The network of around 1247 healthcare facilities ensures that community pharmacies provide the modern NHS with its most accessible point of contact in communities throughout the country.

Mark McDonald said “It was great to meet Ian Will and his team at Will’s Chemist in Inverurie and I am grateful for them taking the time to show me their operation and discuss the work they are doing to support the health and wellbeing of the community.”

Ian Will ,the pharmacy owner, added “ We were able to give Mark a good insight into the advances in pharmacy, with respect to both technology and services provided from the High Street. He was enthusiastic and very receptive to the points raised with him, particularly since he now has a remit for Health and fitness”