Help your local War Memorial

The award winning Memorial in Oldmeldrum
The award winning Memorial in Oldmeldrum

Scottish Conservative MSP for the North East Nanette Milne is encouraging local residents to take a moment to look closely at their local war memorial and consider if there is anything they can do to help preserve it.

Nanette Milne, Scottish Conservative MSP for the North East said: “Our local war memorials are unique, commemorative features of our national heritage which help communities to remember the sacrifice that so many made for their country. Furthermore, memorials can be an important source of information for young people in understanding the sacrifices made by past generations.

“Therefore, as Remembrance Sunday approaches and with the centenary of World War One next year, I would encourage people to take a moment to perhaps pay closer attention to their local memorial then they usually would, and to examine its condition, as these memorials are an important part of our remembrance.

“Although many memorials are cherished parts of the local community they can often be the target for vandalism or theft, while others deteriorate over time through age and the effects of the weather.

“To that end the War Memorials Trust is asking people to make sure that any local memorials and their condition are registered on the War Memorials Online website so that they have a complete picture of the whereabouts, type and condition of all war memorials across Scotland. You can add your local war memorial by visiting:

“I encourage members of the public to help preserve these important monuments.”