Hoots of laughter at Newburgh WRI

President Jean Robertson opened the May meeting at Newburgh WRI by welcoming members and guests.

The Rural song was beautifully sung without musical accompaniment then the business was conducted, which included Mrs Singer, reading out the proposed syllabus for the coming year. Speaker, Mrs Laura Greig discussed the ‘Brighter Side of Life’ and many members were unsure what to expect. Members experienced a half hour full of fun and laughter while listening to Mrs Greig.

More of a stand-up comedienne than a speaker, the group listened and laughed as she explained with various items from an enormous shopping bag, what Scotland has given to the World. The jokes came so thick and fast that members gave up trying to record them.

Competitions were announced after a lovely tea: Knitted baby’s cardigan: Mrs Duncan, Mrs Chandler, Mrs Shackleton; Three flowers with foliage in water: Mrs Chandler, Mrs Robertson, Mrs Duncan.