Injured osprey drops in on Arc

The injured osprey was treated at New Arc
The injured osprey was treated at New Arc

An osprey, at first mistaken for an empty feed bag blowing in the wind, has been found at a rescue centre in Ellon.

Staff at New Arc were surprised to find the injured bird, which was tangled in fishing line, had landed in exactly the right place to get the help it so obviously needed.

On closer examination staff found that the fishing line which had a hook attached had been swallowed by the bird.

Keith Marley, of New Arc, said: “We quite often have people drop in with injured wildlife, but it’s not too often that the wildlife itself decides to drop in.

“He was in a bad way and we soon had him back to the centre to check him over.”

The 17-year-old male osprey - which has been named Ollie - was X-rayed showing the hook was lodged close to its heart.

Vets operated and managed to succesfully remove the obstruction safely and Ollie is now back at the rescue centre for a period of recovery.

Mr Marley said: “He is currently unable to balance and co-ordinate his movements very well.

“However he is showing signs of improvement every day. On first arrival he had to be tube fed but after a week he is now able to accept hand feeding and his medication at regular intervals throughout the day.

“Needless to say there is a long way to go before we can safely release him in the wild.”