Inverurie singer Stephen releases his first music video

Stephen Innes: Has been singing from an early age
Stephen Innes: Has been singing from an early age

An Inverurie lad has gone one step further in launching his music career.

The singer said that he found filming his first music video, which was shot in and around Aberdeen, a little bit strange.

Stephen told the Times: “It was really odd filming the music video, walking along Aberdeen singing out loud, when I’m used to singing at gigs or in a studio.”

Stephen’s singing career kicked off when he was just a toddler.

He said: “My mum says that we were on holiday when I was about 3 and I was at a kids club.

“There was a talent contest and my parents had no idea that I would be appearing in it. I stood up and sung a song from the Singing Kettle.”

The singer has moved on since then though and says that his experience has came from travelling to London.

Stephen added: “Last year I recorded my first song that I was happy with.

“It’s difficult to get noticed up here. I think you need to move.”

As well as singing, Stephen is currently studying for a degree in Journalism at Robert Gordon University.

He said: “Music is the dream, but journalism is another area I have been interested in.”

See Stephen’s video here