It’s my Opinion

JUST when you think the coverage of the phone hacking and the fall of the Murdoch empire is taking over our lives, along comes Anders Behring Breivik to turn “paradise into hell.”

The young man’s evil, inexplicable actions have affronted any kind of dignity mankind can claim after his massacre of so many innocent people.

We shall no doubt continue to read of the horror in Norway, but like other atrocities it shall soon be confined to the history books, though just like the Dunblane slaughter it will remain forever with those who were closely affected.

We shall of course return to the hype of Murdoch, especially as it’s pay back time for many of the other media outlets who are keen to take a pot shot at the man who rode rough shod over them in building his nasty little empire. In the meantime it’s my opinion that the real issues are being ignored, which nicely suits some of our politicians who can use the phone hacking revelations to conceal their own inadequacies. Remember, some of those questioning Murdoch and son were themselves guilty of breaking parliamentary rules when they shamelessly claimed false expenses.

I’d rather see us turning our attention to issues that really will change the face of the planet, and the way in which we live. Why for example are we not more concerned about the 12 million people who are starving in east Africa, or more vigorously protecting the economy, or more specifically rallying to save Europe from breaking up? These are just some of my issues, though I suspect on the latter many of you would be happy to see the EU disappear down the pan.

Nearer to home it would seem amazing in a country which has consistently claimed to have the finest education system in the world, we are being told that our schools are not delivering the goods.

Glasgow in particular is getting a poor press, with blame being firmly placed at the door of the Scottish Government who have failed to meet their manifesto promises of reducing class sizes. At the other end of the age scale, we should be ashamed to admit that our care homes are squalid and run down at a time when older members of our society are increasing in number. Dignity has gone out of the window, even if there are some fine examples of care in the homes I have visited of late.

We are still fighting in Afghanistan, bombing in Libya, but unable to flush out Gaddafi. And yet despite all these global, national and local issues our written media will return to phone hacking in the hope of finding more sleeze, for make no mistake the monster created by Murdoch was reared and nurtured by a public who wanted more of the same.

We have in fact got the media we deserve, though in the meantime the real matters which should occupy our minds and actions go unattended.

Finally, some good news for those of you who use Commercial Road in Ellon. It gives me pleasure to report that this much abused stretch of road has been repaired, quickly and efficiently by no less a body that Aberdeenshire Council. Well done them.