It’s my Opinion

THE successful rebranding of the monarchy is clearly a problem for the SNP who have long stated their preference for Scotland becoming a republic.

The Queen’s popularity is in fact something to behold, given that just over 10 years ago she and her family were not enjoying public support after the cold shoulder Princess Di was given by them. But in a relatively short time she has turned relegation into promotion, coming across to the nation as a warm, relaxed granny at all her many functions.

I confess my admiration for her, though I am not getting too carried away by an institution which is, after all, a bit of a sideshow in the great scheme of things.

So given the irrelevance of the royal family, why is our First Minister so keen to be seen to welcome her continued existence in Scotland? I suspect to the dismay of most of his members who as already stated are generally in favour of the country being a republic.

The case for the monarchy certainly has no place in the great debate about independence. But what debate?

Of late it has been very quiet, leading me to believe it is all over and that Scotland will become a separate state after we vote in October 2014.

Shock, horror I hear you say. No just a sense of reality, as I firmly believe that we are already there. Just talk to the decision makers in the country if you doubt my theory, including the legal fraternity, the senior forces in education and police, and you will find they are preparing for independence. Indeed, they would say we already have the machinery in place.

My case is better made by the indifferent attitude of our Prime Minister whose insipid appearances in Scotland merely underline his intention to give in without a fight. He has his own problems in Cornwall, the North-east, the North-west to keep him going until his own demise at the polls.

While talking of fighting there will be those of you out there who are concerned about a defence policy, or lack of, as quite simply the UK as it stands could not punch its way out of a paper bag. So why then should Scotland worry? We would all be in the same boat, which given our current naval resources is likely to be a very small one.

So bring it on and let’s stop messing about, but long before 2014. At my time of life two years is a very long time. In the meantime I shall continue to support my sovereign, but fear she may be usurped by the last king of Scotland who is waiting patiently in the wings for his big day. A big day, but not one he will enjoy for too long. It’s my opinion his days are in fact numbered, as it is my confident prediction that Scotland will revert to its old voting habits, having enjoyed a brief flirtation with the SNP.

I could of course be wrong, it has been known.

It’s also my belief that the country are already starting to count the cost of spending money we don’t have. Whatever, we are going to have a very uncomfortable time after 2014, but we will survive, or I like to think we will, but in what shape and form?