It’s my Opinion

NEVER in my puff did I ever imagine I would ever have thought my fellow countrymen could be accused of being ditherers, but here we are looking at nation of people who appear not to be able to get on with what has been already been agreed.

Okay I’m joking, as in fact my regard for this nation of Scots is such that it would be unwise and even untrue to suggest otherwise, though when it comes to our Edinburgh based politicians I’m not so sure.

Firstly, here is a Scottish Government who say they have a mandate to press ahead with an independence referendum, but for some obscure reason known only to themselves are putting off the evil day, which will indeed be bad day for the SNP if they lose the vote.

At one point I actually would have thought it would be a close run thing, but as the party’s honeymoon with the electorate comes to an end I find it hard to believe that they are in a position to gain the support of the nation.

But time will tell. In the interim, I patiently await the start of a proper debate we were promised on the issue. So let’s stop swithering and get on with it.

But just in case you think that is the only issue to bring on the grumps you would be wrong.

There are in fact two national issues which iritate me, not least being the hold ups related to our roadworks. How long have we been waiting for the missing link from Balmedie to Tipperty to be completed? Too long. The A90 and its long suffering users surely deserve better.

Less seriously, the Rangers debacle. Less serious unless, of course, you are a demented Rangers supporter who is having to wait and wait for some sucker to come along and make a bid for a club cast hopelessly adrift in a sea of despair, dishonesty, incompetence and - worst of all - righteous indignation.

Supporters actually seem to think they have been wronged by the system, which I assume is Scottish football’s ruling body. And true, the SFA don’t exactly come out it all with much credit. The blame, however, lies firmly and squarely at the club with more revelations I suspect to come.

But for those of you, including Aberdeen supporters who are enjoying a good gloat - beware, it could be your club who are slowly, but surely sliding out of the affections of the North-east public, or indeed any public given the poor attendances at Pittodrie.

I like to think, perhaps naively, that the Dons will emerge us a fighting force once again without repeating the glories of Gothenburg of 29 years ago last week, maybe a domestic cup of cheer would help.

So before we become a nation of total ditherers, let us face up to some of the issues facing us, and tackle them with the determination, aggression and more importantly vision that I normally associate with my fellow Scots.

Mind you if the turn out at the local elections is any indicator of the level of interest in community affairs then the outlook could be bleak, though I personally chose to believe otherwise.