It’s my Opinion

THE upcoming Jubilee seems to have been met with a wall of apathy in the East Gordon area. Indeed if you live in Ellon you could justifiably ask ‘what Jubilee?’ given the lack of organised celebration planned for the weekend of June 2.

But, don’t worry, I am not going to harangue you with a loyalist’s view of the monarchy,. Far from it, as I’m pretty well switched off the idea of a special day.

I am, however, acutely aware there are pockets of the area who would welcome a gesture of support for the lady who has reigned over us for 60 years, proving in recent years to be one of the most popular monarchs in the history of the position.

Aberdeenshire Council seems to have no plans to celebrate the occasion, which is perhaps no major surprise given our politicians obsession with keeping the SNP out of power in the county.

But that’s another story, well perhaps not and as I have started I’ll finish. Briefly it would seem the newly formed administration has lost control of its senses.

The voting public, albeit less than 40%, gave the Lib-Dems a kicking at the polls, but lo and behold we now have the same party back power, even although they have fewer seats than before May 3.

I now begin to understand why so many of you failed to turnout, indeed I would even apologise for urging you to cast your vote. Sad to say but the three groups who now form the administration have no credibility after their shameful behaviour.

The Tories, the Lib-Dems - who are the perennial bed hoppers - and the Independents have a lot of making up to do in the next few years before they are forgiven for their total betrayal of democracy.

Far from dealing a body blow to the SNP they have, in fact, effectively chased many, many voters into the arms of the waiting First Minister and his party. Either that or we shall have a reduced turnout at the next election.

But where was I before drifting into the tortured and dishonest world of politics? Oh yes - I was asking why we are ducking the opportunity to party on June 2, and more specifically why there is no organised activity planned to celebrate HM’s 60 years on the throne.

Could it be that austerity has already kicked, or more likely are we totally indifferent to the idea of having a monarchy?

I also think we are pretty miserable lot in the north-east, but am surprised our local community councils are not taking the opportunity to lead the way as they did in helping to promote the local elections.

There again if you look back on the hustings fiasco in Ellon, perhaps they are better not planning organised activity for the community, though you will surely support the Round Table’s Gala Day on June 3, the day after the lack of a royal bash. Failing that no doubt you will be raising a glass in front of the TV with family and friends before you go on to the Gala the following day. It’s your choice.