It’s my Opinion

CUSTOMER care is the responsibility of each and everyone who is anyway involved in serving the public, notwithstanding where it be in East Gordon, or the city of Aberdeen, even the world stage of international banking.

Was it not Bill Gates who famously said: ”Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

If indeed it was the same billionaire, then he clearly has not been making visits to either Ellon, or nearby Aberdeen.

For if he had been making visits to retail outlets in the two locations, he would have not seen much change in attitude among those who delegated to look after the public.

But before launching into a rant about poor service, though it does exist, let me assure readers that in general I am more than happy with most of the service I am accorded by courteous staff who usually have a sense of humour, which is more than welcome.

But as you might expect there are exceptions, including a bad experience I had earlier in the week, upsetting me more than I thought possible given the trivial nature of the incident.

Entering a facility to the north of Ellon I was totally ignored by staff, though at that point no purchase had been made. It would, nevertheless been nice to have greeted with a good morning, or nice day.

No response was forthcoming at this point, nor when I bought the goods. No thank you, no goodbye or have a nice day, though I was quick to acknowledge their presence.

While this might be the exception in the town I am told by those of you who shop more extensively in both in East Gordon, or Aberdeen that is from their considerable experience quite a common occurrence.

You cite as examples staff who are in no hurry to serve you, more intent on finishing a conversation with a colleague.

I also gather that you are like myself very unhappy about not be thanked, or given the cold shoulder by lackadaisical staff who would rather you were not there.

Public house staff are, according to you, the worst offenders, though not in the ones I attend.

There are other examples, but if you are victims of such neglect I won’t have to remind you.

So if Bill Gates is right why are those in charge not learning from the bad happenings in their outlets. Could it be they don’t know any better? If that is the case why on earth are they in business? Maybe not for long!

Given all the evidence I find it rather depressing at a time when we surely have learnt social graces to help us cope with customer care.

To all of you who either an owner, or in charge of staff I beg you to address the problem before you lose any more business.

Finally the issue of age is not a factor, but for what’s it worth the problems lie not with older staff, but bored young people who actually believe the job is beneath them. Part - time staff seem to be the exception, but I generalise.