It’s my Opinion

SEVEN o’clock on a Monday morning is not exactly my best time of the week, and it’s certainly not the time of day to be posing questions about the merits, or the joys of Christmas.

But there I was responding to the issue of whether or not I was “ all organised for the big day.”

In truth I was not aware that Christmas was a competition, or the challenge implied in the question. As to being organised, if my newspaper lady was asking had I got the festive booze in and bought my better half her present, the answer was just about yes.

And so on to my appointment with the car to a local garage for its annual MOT where Christmas was again the topic of conversation, and all this before 8am on the first day of the week.

The dialogue on this occasion was more cryptic, ending in an assertion from my mechanic friend that he wouldn’t be taking much time off on the basis that “it was only a time for over eating, drinking too much alcohol and watching TV programmes we have seen before.”

Not exactly the theme of good will to men etc, though a view shared by many of my East Gordon chums.

But fear not as I am not about to enter into a debate about being curmudgeonly attitudes, but more inclined to thank my lucky stars that my family and friends are able to enjoy another Christmas, in stark contrast to the families of Newtown, Connecticut.

The horror of Adam Lanza’s actions will live with us all over the festive season, while the debate about the gun laws in the USA will continue on both sides of the Atlantic.

Whether we in the UK have any right to interfere in the affairs of our American cousins is another matter, especially if our sanctimonious views are not acceptable to them. The one thing I do know is that our well meaning comments will not go down well.

If my summation is correct I can only hope that the appalling gun culture existing in the USA will be challenged by President Obama who looks like he is tottering on the brink of tackling a lobby totally committed to the use of guns.

Who then is surprised at such a happening when since 1792 the right to carry guns has been written into their constitution

Staggeringly we still have a view that carrying guns makes for a safer society.

A view not backed by the facts, including the statistic that 80 people die each day as a consequence of the use of a gun of some sort. Over a million Americans have died in this manner since the killing of Martin Luther King in the late 1960’s. This being the case something must be done, as conceded by an under fire president.

In the meantime I can only hope our love and concern can be shown to the good people of Newtown in their darkest hour.

May peace be with you all over the Christmas, bringing you an inner calm for 2013.