It’s my Opinion

IS it a bird, is it a plane, or could it be an abandoned open barn, or even a figment of my imagination?

Whatever it might bethat adorns the centre of Ellon, it’s certainly got the residents of the town talking.

But just in case you have no idea of what I am wittering on about, as opposed to tweeting, I am referring to the band shaped structure next to the bus stop in Ellon, opposite the Clydesdale Bank.

Personally I believe it simply flew in one night, unannounced looking for a home where it could feel free of questions as to why it was there.

It surely can’t be something promoted, far less paid for by the Aberdeenshire Council, who are surely too wise to impose such an imposing, futile structure upon us without consultation. Or could they?

If they have it would be totally unacceptable, especially at a time when we are facing cuts in every known sector, not least the public one.

But just in case I blinked and missed the consultation, I must then extend my humble apologies to my freens in the council who will be quick to tell me I have got it wrong again.

I can just hear them accusing me of poor research, as if they were perfect.

So if it is not the council, just who is it who feels the need to adorn the gateway to Buchan with a viewing platform no one needs or wants - at least as far as I am aware?

So assuming it is the powers who think they be, the next step will be to give it a name.

Now at this point I have to hand over to you, the long suffering public, who will once again have to foot the bill, as you always do.

I just know your extensive knowledge will rise to the occasion, but just in case you are struggling to come up with an appropriate answer here are a few suggestions which might just tickle your fancy.

How about ‘Salmond’s Delight’, in recognition of all that our illustrious First Minister has done for the town, or continuing the theme how do you like ’Barratt’s Barn’, acknowledging the commitment of a major building company has made to the development of one of the fastest growing towns in the North-east.

You may, however, chose to be more basic and go with the simple choice of ‘Why Ellon’, a title designed to confuse tourists for centuries to come.

You will of course have your own favourites to include your best loved local politician, if indeed you know any of the four who represent the town.

The fact that I am not listing any of them tells all, but they know who they are, even if we the long suffering public don’t.

Finally I do know that in all the confusion there has to be more to come, for surely the item is not yet finished, and we shall see decorated armour plated glass fit for a king or perhaps a queen to view from. I just don’t know I hope someone does.

If nothing more is to be added it will surely be a platform of folly of ignorance to remind us of just how pathetic we were in 2013.