It’s my Opinion

JUST when I was beginning to think that no one else was being plagued with nuisance calls on a daily basis, along comes a knight in shining armour to slap a fine on one of my tormentors.

The centrally based company had been accused of making in the region of 2000 calls to unhappy consumers who have Telephone Preference Service-registered telephone lines. This means that they have opted not to take calls from any company, though the practice suggests the reality is rather different.

The problem seems to lie with us the public who are, in the main, reluctant to report any breaches of the arrangement.

I confess to being one of the households who get up to five ’nuisance’ calls per day, but not once have I made a complaint.

All that is about to change, however, after the news that an errant company has been well and truly taken to task to the tune of £90,000, which you would like to think will end its hash, though it might just put them out of business.

It is, however, hard to feel sorry for them given that they knew exactly what was entailed when they broke the regulations.

From this day on I will now log the time of the call, and who they are, though in fairness I shall tell the caller of my intentions before reporting them.

It may seem harsh on companies who are already finding it hard to attract business, but there is a limit to my patience, or indeed - more dangerously - that of my wife.

We now have hope of enjoying an evening of relative peace, though I suspect it will take time for threats to sink in.

I actually appreciate the need to market, indeed as someone who saw the value of selling, I used the tool to promote the training company I ran through the 1980’s to the mid 90’s.

Currently I watch with dismay the tactics of large organisations who once they have sold you the product, think job done, now let’s move on to hook up the other suckers out there.

Sorry, that’s not how it works, as indeed the maintainance part is usually part of the deal - otherwise it would just be too easy to sell, knowing there would be no annoying customers requesting follow up.

Sadly, too many companies don’t care enough about customer complaints - not least mobile phone ones, who really do not wish you to get back to them with any kind of complaint. For why else would they make it so difficult to contact them?

Try for example to find a telephone number on which to contact them - given they are in the business of selling telephones, it seems rather bizarre. You will, however, find it relatively easy to go online with your query, if in fact you are on the internet.

I really do feel sorry for those people who daily have to put up with TV presenters who end the progamme with the words: ‘’For further information just go to www etc.’’

For those who are not online it is surely the moment when you switch off, or maybe, just maybe decide to join the online rat race.

Your choice, it’s certainly a new experience.