Jax lives to fry another day

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AN ELLON fish and chip shop was at the centre of a fire scare last Thursday, after smoke filled the premise.

Initial reports indicated that there was a fire at Jax on Bridge Street, with workers and customers evacuated to the nearby Nosheen Tandoori while the fire brigade attended the scene. However, it emerged that there was no fire, and that an extractor fan had merely failed. A spokeswoman for Grampian Fire Brigade told the Ellon Times that two fire vehicles had attended the incident, and that it had been a “well intentioned false alarm.”

Steven Main, who works at Jax, told the Times that the problem had arisen after an extractor fan failed.

“The room filled with smoke, and we didn’t know where it was coming from, so I phoned the fire brigade quickly, and evacuated the customers to the assembly point at the Nosheen. When the fire brigade arrived, they cut off the gas.”

Manager Lynne Sharman said: “Steven did everything right, the shop is fine, and rumours of explosions and fires are exaggeration!”