Joe to take on half marathon challenge

A Newburgh man is preparing to take part in the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run hald marathon in August.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 10:00 am
Joe Boyle will take part in the event to raise money for two charities

Joe Boyle (45) was diagnosed with cancer in his throat and neck just over a year ago, but he decided to take part in the running event as a personal fundraising initiative to help others who have suffered from similar problems.

Joe will join thousands of other runners at the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run on Sunday, August 26.

He said: “I was diagnosed with cancer last May and went through radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

“It was difficult but I am currently in remission and the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run falls on the first anniversary of the end of my treatment.

“I had never done any running at all prior to the beginning of this year but, after my cancer treatment was over, I wanted to give myself a target, something that would help improve my fitness and make me feel better.

“At the same time I wanted to raise money for two cancer charities, the Friends of Anchor and Macmillan, so that I could give something back to help others who find themselves in the same situation as I was in.”

Joe continued: “Running has given me a clear purpose and something positive to focus on.

“It has made me physically stronger and fitter, which helps with the recovery from my treatment, but the mental benefits have also surprised me.

“It makes me feel much better all round and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who has come through any sort of similar treatment to mine. It has just been so good for me.

“Also, I had never done any charity work before, but now it has become a big motivation for me. I will probably keep going with it after the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run as I realise how important it is.”

Joe runs three times a week, usually on his own, but has persuaded a couple of work colleagues at Scotia Homes, where he is a project director, to join him.

Joe added: “They have run in the other races and have promised to do whichever one I choose at the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run. We will all be part of the Friends of Anchor team.”