‘Ketchup and Chips’ plant launched

Morrisons in Peterhead launches 'Ketchup and Chips' plant.
Morrisons in Peterhead launches 'Ketchup and Chips' plant.

Morrisons in Peterhead is looking to transform the Blue Toon’s gardens with the launch of the UK’s first ever potted ‘Ketchup and Chips’ plant, which will be stocked from April 25.

Answering the prayers of chip fans in Peterhead, the multi-tasker grows fresh tomatoes and potatoes in one pot at the same time. Above the ground the plant will produce an abundance of cherry tomatoes, while white potatoes will grow below.

The move comes as Britain’s gardens are getting smaller as an increasing number of people in the UK are living in flats and apartments. However, green fingered Brits aren’t letting a lack of space prevent them from growing their own food and plants.

Ketchup and Chips is entirely natural, expertly crafted together by hand with no genetic modification involved. When planted in late April, each plant can yield hundreds of sweet tomatoes from July to October, whilst simultaneously harvesting a hearty crop of potatoes.

Morrisons Store Manager said: “Many of our customers are green fingered. But over recent years we’ve witnessed the frustration of shoppers who have less and less space to grow their own. This new plant is just the solution for our shrinking gardens - and will enable everyone to follow their produce from plant pot to plate!”

The Ketchup and Chips Plant will be available in Morrisons from April 25 for a limited time only and cost £5. Also available during this time will be the Egg and Chips Plant, a hybrid plant that grows aubergines and potatoes, costing £5. For more information please visit www.morrisons.com