Kintore & Esslemont WRI meetings

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At the June meeting of Kintore WRI, vice-president Charlotte Redford welcomed members and introduced Elaine Lindsay, who gave a very enthusiastic talk and demonstration on straw work.

She explained the tradition of corn dollies and also showed samples of her work, including jewellery, pictures, embroidery and wall hangings.

After tea and raffles, the vote of thanks was given by May Yorman and the meeting was closed.

Their next meeting takes place on Tuesday, September 3, when they will hear from local author, Nancy Jardine.

Competition winners: Flower of month: 1. May Yorman 2. Bella Morrison 3. Sheila Gray.

Ginger biscuits 1. Betty Heron 2. Bella Morrison 3. Evelyn Morray.

Pasta collage: 1. Margaret Sim 2. Elaine Greenlaw.

Meanwhile at Esslemont SWRI, President, Mrs Helen Smillie opened the meeting by welcoming all members to their birthday and games night.

Business meeting was conducted prior to the evenings entertainment which was enjoyed by all.

Competition winners were as follows:

Sweet: 1. Jean Winterbottom 2. Anne Davidson 3. Joyce Clark.

Flower of the Month: 1. Annie Paterson 2. Helen Smillie 3. Stella Adamson.

This was followed by the raffle and vote of thanks.

Mrs Helen Smillie wished all members a safe and happy summer break and a safe journey home.

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