Kintore proposal to be scrutinised

THE Garioch Area Committee have recommended further investigation of the Gateway Kintore site prior to considering it for inclusion in the next Local Development Plan.

The Committee unanimously backed a motion from East Garioch Councillor Martin Ford that “The Infrastructure Services Committee should give consideration to including site Ga021 [in the new LDP], subject to: (1) Compatibility with the relevant principles of SPP14; (2) A retail impact assessment showing the vitality of the existing town centre will not be compromised, and; (3) A solution to the Broomhill junction, to accommodate the traffic from this site in addition to that generated by the Kintore East site, agreed by Transport Scotland.”

The Gateway Kintore masterplan includes a proposed supermarket, petrol station and hotel, along with business premises and space for a nursery school / playbarn. More than 100 people signed a petition in support of the plan.

Cllr Ford said, “Everyone agrees that Kintore needs more facilities and retail provision. No question about that. But what is not so easily decided is where facilities should be located – for example, so they are conveniently sited and accessible, close to existing facilities, or to avoid creating problems such as road congestion.

“The proposed site at Kintore South is further from the town centre than these other sites, at a junction where there is already a congestion problem. So, before the Council takes a decision on Kintore South, to make sure any decision is in the public interest, the Area Committee has sought assurances about the consequences of development taking place. That is the right thing to do.”