Ladies Circle hears tales of African Mercy Ship

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ON February 28, Ellon and District Ladies Circle hosted a talk by Sandra Campbell, a volunteer with the Mercy Ships charity organisation. Sandra spent two weeks in Sierra Leone in October, 2011.

Mercy Ships is a global Christian Charity, and the Africa Mercy is the world’s largest charity hospital ship, providing specialist operations free of charge, in West African countries where health care is either not available or not affordable. The charity not only offers medical services, but works with communities to help with health education and sustainable agriculture and construction. The ship is staffed wholly by volunteers, who pay their own travel expenses and crew fees whilst aboard. This means 100% of donations to the charity go directly into community care in poverty stricken regions. Donations are needed to bring the Africa Mercy to each field service; to equip and power the ship, as well as to fund the onshore medical and community development services.

Sandra is a retired nurse, living in Ellon, who after visiting a mercy ship during an open day 19 years ago, developed an ambition to be part of the good work they do in the third world. For more info, visit

Ellon Ladies Circle are hosting a talk on Parkinson’s Disease on April 24. To enquire, please contact Mara on 07946 412289.