Litter concerns raised by resident

The waste collected by Ian Thomson filled his car boot and three shopping bags
The waste collected by Ian Thomson filled his car boot and three shopping bags

An Ellon resident has raised concerns over litter in the area after collecting a total of 96 empty glass bottles during an afternoon stroll.

Ian Thomson and his wife Anne collected the bottles along the road between Tanglandford and Ythanbank.

He filled three bags and noted that his car boot struggled to contain all of the waste.

Ian said: “These bottles weren’t in big piles having been dumped, they were spread around in the vicinity of the wee lay-bys.

“Some were just lying on the grass, some tossed into the gorse bushes and some just covered by grass.”

He added: “There just seems to be so much unsightly litter alongside every road.

“The road out of Ellon towards Auchnagatt seems to be particularly bad and is not easy to pick up from because it is so busy.”

Ian and Anne started picking up litter around 18 months ago while they were walking their dog, and were “amazed” at what they saw lying about.

Ian explained: “I think it was the glass beer and lager bottles tossed from the windows of vehicles that amazed us the most.

“Apart from the fact that they could easily smash and injure children, dogs and cats or wildlife, they are death traps to many small mammals, as are the cans - we’ve seen that first hand.

“We will keep on picking up and do a lot of small roads around here and pick up in Haddo and along the railway line.”

Commenting, local councillor Isobel Davidson said: “It is great that folk take the initiative to clear up their local area and their work, and all the others who do the same are much appreciated. It is such a shame that folk still throw rubbish around our beautiful countryside like this.”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “Aberdeenshire is such a beautiful area and we encourage everyone to take their litter home with them or put it in a bin.

“Our network of Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) accept a range of materials which are not collected at the kerbside so that residents can make use of these facilities rather than littering.

“We encourage anyone who encounters littering or flytipping to report the matter which will be investigated.”