Local documentary wins BBC award

Director Anthony Baxter is set to receive a ‘Documentary of the Year’ award from the BBC Culture Show for his film ‘You’ve Been Trumped’.

The controversial film - which has previously been denounced by Trump International as ‘false’, ‘sensationalist’ and ‘bearing no resemblance to the truth’ - has already received a number of awards. It charts the course of the Menie development from the point of view of householders on the site.

Mr Baxter has been warmly congratulated by Aberdeenshire Councillor Paul Johnston, who represents part of the disputed Menie Estate links. He drew parallels between Baxter’s film, and the well-known film Local Hero, filmed near Banff, which - he says - bear striking resemblances.

Speaking to the Times, Cllr Johnston said: “This award makes the film ‘You’ve been Trumped’ the second most successful film of all time about the North East of Scotland.

“Local Hero features in Baxter’s documentary because of the stunning plot similarities with the fictional film by Bill Forsyth - in that film the Trump-like character, billionaire, Felix Happer, at least redeemed himself by changing his mind and not destroying the place.”

The documentary featured clips from Local Hero, and was applauded by the Director Bill Forsyth with its references to his film.