Local girls group together for Shell


A group of girls from North-east schools teamed up for a Shell conference event recently.

Over forty academy pupils from Ellon, Meldrum, Turriff, Mintlaw and Peterhead visited Shell UK’s facility at Woodbank for the fourth Girls Energy event.

The students are all part of North East Scotland College’s Girls Energy Programme which provides training to inspire more women to become more involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers.

Reducing Carbon Emissions was the theme of this year’s event which involved the girls divided into teams representing Biomass, Offshore wind and Carbon capture. Each group was given the task of with pitching for “virtual“ government funding. The girls took time talking about the issue before showing a presentation of their results and had the responsibility of selecting their own “negotiator”.

To end the event, conference members (government funding) voted for the winning team.

This year’s winners were the carbon capture team.

Shell Communications and Social Performance Advisor, John Raine, said: “Building the future skills base of the oil and gas industry in Scotland is a key priority, therefore ensuring that young women see an opportunity in the industry is vital.

“I’m always encouraged to see young people excited and fascinated by their first experiences of the business, and Shell is working to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists in our own backyard.”

The aspiring girls are doing the Skills for Work Energy Course as well as their usual classes at school.

The cours eallows the pupils to experience first-hand scenarios involving engineering and technology.