Lost youngsters rescued

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A MAUD brother and sister who got lost on Bennachie while on a cycling trip emerged safe and well after a large-scale rescue effort last week.

Lara and Matthew Rydlewicz had set out on a cycle along one of the hill’s numerous paths around 2.30pm on Monday. Parents Alison and Mervyn were told to expect the youngsters back at 4.30pm; however, by 9.30pm, there was no sign of the pair, causing their worried parents to contact the police.

A search and rescue effort involving mountain rescue and an RAF helicopter joined the hunt for the missing children, who were found safe and well, having travelled down a different path to the one they had initially intended to.

A police spokesman said: “We can confirm that Lara and Mathew have been traced safe and well.

Grampian Police would take this opportunity to thank the local public, mountain rescue and air rescue partners involved in the search for Lara and Mathew for their invaluable assistance in making search of the area.”