Mair o this n mair o yon!

Weel weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

As A screeve mi wirdies its weet n owercast ootside, A’ve got aboot haaf mi girss cut n e haaf aat A hivna got cut is lookin jist richt orra – ay, it disna dae e bleed pressure ony gweed – bit A’ll jist hae ti be contentit!

Nae maitter its nae aa doom n gloom wi mi, if ye myn last month A telt ye aat mi freen Sandy hid delivered some weel rotted dung ti mi.

Weel A’m pleased ti report aat A’ve got mi tatties aa plunted – ilka tattie sittin on a gweed bed o dung – so look oot for aal Mossie’s prize winnin tatties!

Ae pluntie aat disna appear ti need muckle dung is e dandelion – whit a crap there’s been es ‘eer espeeshully alang some o e roadsides – an afa bonnie splash o colour it his ti be said.

Bit jist think foo mony mair there’ll be neist ‘eer fan their seedies aa get scattered aboot, ay blaain intil wir gairdins n ontil wir lawns, w’ll niver be feenished howkin them oot!

Appearandly tho ye can mak afa fine wine oot o dandelions - weel noo, A jist winner - a Mossie’s fine vintage dandelion wine ti ging wi mi prize-winnin tatties – whit a feast!?

Its richt fine gyaun oot in e mornins jist noo n seein n hearin wir Swallas chitterin awa ti each ither again, they waur a thochtie later in arrivin here at Mossies es ‘eer, it wis aboot e beginnin o Mey afore appeared.

Hooiver it wis e 22nd o Awpril fin w saa oor first ane o e ‘eer n aat wis ower at Meldrum.

The ither Simmer visitor e wee Willa Warbler his bin singin doon in e Moss since e eyn o Mairch, bi the souns o’t there maun be twa ar eyven three pairs o them fair singin their herties oot! Ay, a richt fine soun ti hearken til!

For e past wik ar so mi local history interaist his bin keeping mi mind occupied n busy as A’ve bin tryin ti fun oot as muckle aboot e Clottinpanis Stane? Fit is ar fit wis es stane A hear some o ye speir?

Weel appearandly awa back in time roon aboot e 15th,16th n e 17th centuries e Clottinpanis Stane wis a boundary marker atween e three aal estates o Ardlethen, Esslemont n Dumbreck asweel as bein a guide for fouk aat wis traivellin aboot e cwintryside. Back in thae days there wisna roads like fit wi ken nooadays, it wis jist weel trod paths n tracks at fouk folloit atween e kirktoons n e big hooses n sic like.

Noo e Clottinpanis Stane hid steed on fit hid bin at that time Dumbreck grun at e pint far aa three estates touched. Wi e help o anither ane o mi fairmer freens, Jack Reid frae Logierieve fa his e grun at Hillhead o Esslemont, Jack teuk mi in his 4X4 roon e parks ae weet n dreich day.

Efter a fylie o lookin aroon n checkin aal maps A think A’ve maybe fun e placie far es historic stane cud hae steed in days lang gane by. A wid be interaisted ti hear if ony Readers kent onythin aboot e Clottinpanis Stane?