Major step in the ‘light’ direction for Auld Brig

Illuminated bridge at the trial on Tuesday night
Illuminated bridge at the trial on Tuesday night

One of Ellon’s oldest landmarks is making steady progress towards stepping into the light.

The town’s Old Bridge, known as the Auld Brig, underwent a lighting trial, allowing Ellon Community Council the chance to view how it might look in the future.

Ellon Community Council members were “very impressed” with the lighting options demonstrated by Aberdeenshire Council and a lighting contractor on Tuesday night.

A proposal will now be developed with the council to illuminate the bridge from the Market Street side and then the Community Council will decide whether or not to begin fundraising for the

Ellon Community Chairperson, Sandy McDougall, said: “We are very pleased that the trial was arranged in such a short space of time as it allows the Ellon Community Council to see where we move from here with a proposal from the council.

“Aberdeenshire council said that they will provide professional and technical advice and give an insight to what the community council might progress with to turn turn the project into a reality.”

Members hope to hear from the council within a “short space of time.”

Sandy added: “We are hoping for a proposal fairly speedily seeing as they moved so quickly in getting a trial arranged.”

Ellon and District Councillor Gillian Owen went along to the trial.

Mrs Owen told the Times: “I decided to join my husband on the Community Councils visit to the Old Brig to trial a lighting system to enhance the bridge.

“I must admit to being a sceptic about this but was pleasantly surprised how the demonstration could enhance one of Ellon’s finest features.

“I came away feeling the Community Council should be commended on their efforts.”