Meldrum Academy prizegiving, 2011

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PUPILS, parents and teachers gathered at Meldrum Academy’s Assembly Hall on Thursday night to recognise the school’s most talented pupils at the annual prizegiving.

The audience were entertained by a series of performances, with the ceremony opened by the school show cast of Grease, who performed ‘We Go Together’, and an official welcome from depute headteacher, Alan Horberry.

Visitors were also entertained by a selection of music, which included ‘Cradle Jazz’ by Catriona Oliver on the little-known vibraphone, with other performances on a range of instruments by Mikey Kotts, Kate Davidson, Jack Bagley and Lachlan Broad.

Prizes were presented, and pupils received a motivational speech given by Kwik-Fit founder Sir Tom Farmer, commending prizewinners for their achievements and urging them to make the most of what school - and life would have to offer them. Speaking of his own days at school, he confessed that the only time he had made it to a prizegiving award ceremony at his own school was in order to move the piano off-stage. He also urged pupils not to take to heart Doris Day’s refrain that “whatever will be, will be”, and to seize life’s opportunities with both hands. The entrepreneur’s speech was well received, and he was thanked by Mr Horberry for finding the time to attend.

The ceremony was ended by a message from the Gambia from headteacher Andrew Travis, who is currently working with pupils in the African country as part of the school’s ongoing Duke of Edinburgh Gambia project. He praised the winners, and outlined Meldrum Academy’s commitment to continuous improvement, and building closer links with the community.

Prizewinners were as follows:

Attainment Award Winners: Madeline Reid, 1B1; Stuart Massie, 2S2; Anja Anderson, 3W1; Aaron Duff, 3W1; Jill Marshall, 4T2; Catriona Oliver, 5T1; William Royce, 5W1.

Endeavour Award Winners: Aidan Kilkerr, 1S1; Michael Johnston, 1W2; Gavin Tevendale, 2B1; Meg Moir, 2S1; Annabel McColl, 2T1; Robyn Morrison, 3B2; Angus McLean, 3S2; Celine Adamson, 3W1; Anja Anderson, 3W1; Grant Skene, 4G1; Thomas Percival, 5S1; Mhairi Ritchie, 6B.

Whole School and Community Service Awards: Aidan Ferguson, 1T2, Scorgie Award.

Eco Awards: Andrew McMenemie, 2B1, Eco Endeavour; Matthieu McRae, 2B2, Eco Endaevour; Kirsty Mullan, 2B2, Eco Endeavour; Jamie Rodgers, 4T2, Eco Endeavour; Nicola Walker, 5B2, Eco Endeavour; Glennie House, Eco Shield.

Meldrum Sports Bursaries: Lewis Bradley, 6W; Vanessa Rees, 6B, Mella Slattery, 6S; David Wiseman, 6T.

Petrochallenge: Lauren Gillan, 6T; Stephanie Logan, 6B; Paul Marshall, 6T; Jamie MacLean, 6S.

Services to Fair Trade: Kim Hay, 6W; Hannah Kumar, 6W; Stephanie Logan, 6B; Mairi Oliver, 6T; Vanessa Rees, 6B; Mhiari Ritchie 6B, Mella Slattery, 6S, Emily Smith, 6B.

Whole School Community Awards: Phoebe Corser, 5T1 (Poetry Readings); Harry Reeder, 6B (Website).

Art and Design Awards: Lachlan Musset, 5W1, Millar Design Award; Kerry Summers, 5S1, Art History Prize; Rowan Flint, 5B2, Exceptional Performance in Expressive Arts; Jeanette Wiseman, Exceptional Achievement (Mature Student).

BEIT Awards: Scott Dawson, 5B2, Osprey Homes Attainment Award in Business Management; Phoebe Corser, 5T1, JG Ross Attainment Award in Accounting; Clarke Billimore, 6T, Aggregate Industries Attainment Award in Computing; Isla Greig, 6S, Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum Attainment Award in Information Systems; Colette Webster, 5B1, Osprey Homes Outstanding Achievement and Endeavour in Accounting and Business Management; Jill Marshall, 4T2, Meldrum Young Enterprise Group Trophy sponsored by John Penny Ltd; Meldrum Young Enterprise Awards - Jill Marshall, 4T2; Katie Heslop, 4W1; Bruce Thomson, 3G1; Conor Hughes, 1T2.

College: HNC Mechanical Engineering: Lloyd Bagley, 5T1; Tom Bruce, 6W; Peter Davies, 6W; Alister Gordon, 6W; Jamie Booth, 6W.

Home Economics Awards: Lewis McColl, 5T1, Mackies Cup (Achievement); Lauren Dean, 5S1, Mackies Shield (Endeavour); Taste of Grampian Winners - Holly Constant, 2B2; Debra Jamieson, 1G2.

Maths Awards: Ollie Burke, 6G, Special Maths Prize.

Modern Language Awards: Special Awards (French): Hannah Bamlett, 4T1; Jennifer Hamilton, 4G2; Francesca Hill, 4T2; Ellie Huxtable, 4T2, Mikey Kotts, 4S2; Jill Marshall, 4T2, Jessie Mathewson, 4B2; Caitlin Price, 4B2; Siobhan Reid, 4G2; Claire Thomson, 4S1.

Special Awards (Spanish): Jennifer Hamilton, 4G2; Jessie Mathewson, 4B2.

Sports Awards: Junior Sports Day Champions: Eden Burnett, 3B1; Grant Dawson, 3B2; Senior Sports Day Champions: Emma Hamilton, 6G; Lewis Christie, 5W1

Ryan Duncan, 6B, Male Footballer of the Year; Donna McCann, 6S, Female Footballer of the Year; Reece Christie 2B1, Junior Rugby Player of the Year; George Bruce, 5W1, Senior Rugby Player; David Wiseman, 6G, Active Schools Award for Outstanding Contribution.

Science Awards: Jill Marshall, 4T2, Junior Cup for Outstanding Achievement in Science; Vanessa Rees, 6B, Senior Cup for Outstanding Achievement in Science; Vanessa Rees, 6B, University of Aberdeen Biology Prize for Best Project; Hannah Kumar, 6W, BP Chemistry Prize for Best Project; Alister Gordon, 6W, Fisher Offshore Physics Prize for Best Project; Declan Steele, 1G1, S1 Science Club Prize; Aaron Duff, 3W1, Special Recognition in Science.

SFL Awards: Charlie McCann, 2S1, SFL Effort and Determination; William Royce, 5W1, Service to SFL; Ben Entwistle, 3S1, Scott Lothian Memorial Award.

Social Subjects Awards: Colette Webster, 5B1, Political Writers Award; Wayne Skene, 6B, Barra Hill Award for Endeavour in History.

Performing Arts: Emma Andrew, 5G1, Overall Drama Prize; Mikey Kotts, 4S2, Best Musical Performance; Francesca Hill, 4T2, Best Dramatic Performance; Sam Williams, 6B, Outstanding Contribution to the Performing Arts; Louis Smith, 6S, Loveday Music Prize; Jamie Strathearn, 4W1, Media Award.

Andrew Sutherland Award for Head Boy and Head Girl: George Bruce, 5W1 and Laura White, 5G1.