Meldrum riders saddle up for charity fundraiser

A Meldrum woman and her horse are gearing up for an 8-mile fundraising ride this weekend.

Ladyleys Riding Club member, Clare Wilkinson, will be horse riding from Oldmeldrum to Tarves and back this weekend along with seven others.

Clare Wilkinson with Joyful and Guinness Draft

Clare Wilkinson with Joyful and Guinness Draft

The 24-year-old has watched family members as well as close friends fight battles with cancer.

She decided to organise a sponsored ride in support for CLAN, due to the help they have given her over the years.

Clare told the Times: “Five years ago my mum had breast cancer and at the end of 2011 I lost one of my friends from college to cancer.

“Another one of my friends had to have her lymph nodes removed from her arm.”

Over that time Clare supported her family and friends from helping look after their dogs or horses to lending a helping a hand, but it did takes it’s toll on her.

Clare adds: “It was a really stressful time and CLAN have been there for me to talk to and they don’t treat you like a child.

“I feel that CLAN help more with the emotional side of things.”

So far around £500 has already been raised for the fundraiser which runs from Oldmeldrum to Tarves on Sunday, February 9, starting at 11.30am.

If you would like to sponsor the group please call Clare on 07713275574.