Men seeking sanctuary from equality battle

The fact that the Women’s Institute celebrated its 100th anniversary last week says much about the perseverance and drive of the fair sex who, despite the attempts of the male species to dominate, have made major progress in the intervening years.

Happily there are very few areas in public life where women have failed to make their mark, this despite the resistance of some men who would seek to keep them in their place.

Such has been the progress of the so-called weaker sex that it is now us men who feel we are on the back foot in a wide range of activities in British society.

In my own case I recall having to fight the corner of the male fraternity here in Ellon where I challenged the commitment of the then administration of Grampian Region to catering for women returners, at the expense of us men.

My actions, or rather my big mouth, resulted in me being offered part-time work at the Ellon Times, a position I still hold, albeit in a freelance capacity.

I just wonder if 20 years later if the decline of the status of the male species is being reflected best in the fact we now have a Men’s Shed in Ellon.

Are we under so much pressure lads that we have to run for the cover of a shelter in a shed?

For despite the fine words used by the organisers of the nationwide scheme, it is surely just an escape from the escalating domination of women and their desire to drive us lesser mortals underground, or in this case into a shed.

I have no doubt the scheme will be a roaring success, as more and more men give up the battle for equality in their own homes, retreating to a sanctuary where they can meet other under pressure men in a non-threatening environment, while pursuing a hobby.

Why we could even put the world to rights, and make new friends at the same time.

The concept sounds good. I just wonder how long it will be before the fair species come hammering on the shed door, clamouring for entry, even membership of the all male organisation.

The fear among women excluded from such activity will be that while we mere men are likely to be getting up to no good, we might also be plotting the downfall of women.

Notwithstanding the problems of setting up an all male group, I wish them all joy, I might even join them, though I would need permission from my lady wife.