Mexico beckons for charitable youngsters

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FOUR intrepid Ellon youngsters are aiming to raise £6000 over the next year - to build a house for a poor Mexican family.

Michael and Mairi Davidson, Chloe Milne and Matthew Goodyear hope to travel to Mexico in April 2012 to take part in a project which sees youngsters from First World countries volunteer to build homes for some of Latin America’s poorest people.

The ‘Rebuild’ project, run by Urban Saints and Amor Ministries, organises youngsters in building a secure, sturdy family home over the course of eleven days using materials supplied by the organisers. The site of the project is just over the border from San Diego, where the youngsters will land as part of a group of around one hundred. The objective is to bring help and resources to some of the estimated 800,000 people in Mexico who live without a home. The group will be led by Sarah Goodyear, who leads the youth club at St Mary on the Rock.

Mairi Davidson told the Times: “Sarah spoke about it, and we decided to go for it - it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us.”

Mum Tracy Davidson said: “The trip is going to cost in the region of £6000 for the four, so they’ve started fundraising early. Each one will be doing their own fundraising, as well as collective efforts. Chloe will be offering to wash cars and walk dogs in her neighbourhood, as well as saving a percentage of the wages she makes from her job. Mairi and Michael, meanwhile, will be forgoing school dinners for a year to save up money for the trip.”

Fellow mum Rachel Milne said that the group’s parents were confident that their youngsters would be safe, although the Mexican border with the US is notorious for drug related violence.

“The youngsters will be staying on a secure compound - we wouldn’t be letting them go if we didn’t think it was safe!” she said. “It’s a fantastic learning experience for them, where they’ll learn practical skills, values and ethics.”

The youngsters are collectively organising a car wash to take place on Saturday, May 7 between 2 and 4pm at St Mary-on-the-Rock, with donations most welcome. This will be followed by a coffee morning and book sale at St Mary’s Hall on May 21 - all are welcome.