MSP welcomes land court system response

North-east SNP MSP Mark McDonald has welcomed news that the Scottish Government will give consideration to introducing a new tier into the existing agricultural appeals system.

Mr. McDonald wrote to the Cabinest Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead, outlining concerns that the current agriculatural appeals system is creating problems for those pursuing cases through the system.

He also suggested introducing a third tier into the current process, to allow for an intermediate step between the local appeal and the often costly Land Court.

In his response, the Cabinet Secretary said he had some sympathy with the views of those with experience of how the current system works, and would be asking his officials to investigate how possible changes would be.

Commenting, Mr. McDonald said: “I am pleased that the Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead is willing to consider an additional tier to the agricultural court system, and that he has taken on board the concerns raised with me. It is clear there is a desire to see appeals resolved before the need to go to the Land Court, and I look forward to hearing what changes will be possible.