My anniversary: and mine too!

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A FORMER Ellon woman has spoken of her surprise, after discovering that she and her boss were married on the same day, and held their reception at the same venue, without ever knowing eachother.

Julie Greig, who works at Technip in Westhill, made the discovery while speaking to boss Donald Stewart about their upcoming respective 20th wedding anniversaries.

Both, it emerged, had been married in Ellon on the same day, and held their wedding receptions at the New Inn on August 1, 1992. However, neither couple had been aware of the other.

She told the Times: “We were chatting one day in December about the fact that I was going to be celebrating my 20th Wedding Anniversary in 2012 and that I was so proud to be married for so long, especially nowadays,

“He then said, “I’m also celebrating my 20th Wedding anniversary next year.“

“We worked out that we had been married on the same day, and had both held our receptions in the New Inn, my husband and I in the downstairs hall, and Donald and his wife in the upstairs one. We had both thought that ours was the only wedding there that day.

“Our Anniversary is this Wednesday, August 1 - it‘s a really unusual coincidence. Same date, same town, same hotel!”

The couples didn’t know each other prior to Donald’s employment at Technip in 2009. Donald and wife Wendy still stay in the town, while Julie and husband Alex have since moved to Kintore.