N-east man launches doric website for his English lassie

Chris and Karla Buswell
Chris and Karla Buswell

A North-east man has designed a website dedicated to Doric Phrases and words after his English wife had trouble understanding his Doric expressions.

Chris Buswell spent around one year designing the website - www.doricphrases.com.

Chris said: “I’m married to an English lassie and served as a nurse in the army and me speaking Doric was difficult for them!

“Over the years I got fed up with them asking me what I meant, so lately I thought a website where folk could go to and learn the Doric or search for a word or phrase in either English or the Doric would be fun.”

The homepage features a word or phrase of the day and includes 600 Doric Phrases and words in their database.

Users can search through the A-Z and find English translations as well as social media buttons which mean people can share their findings with friends.

Other features include a random phrase generator button, a search box to look up an English or Doric word, the funniest Doric comedy sketch on the homepage and a Submit section , where users can add their own words.

Chris and Karla Buswell, both aged 44, who now live in Boddam, met on a student nurse class in Woolwich, London in the old Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital.

Chris added: “To get past the accent I had to tell Karla a wee white lie because she wanted to know if I played the bagpipes - I didn’t but said yes to get her interest! “