Neil doesn’t pass on chance of free ride in Alabama!

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AN Ellon businessman who makes regular US trips has found that his Aberdeenshire bus pass is more useful than he had imagined.

Neil Trainor of Castle Park, Ellon, recently qualified for a senior citizens bus pass. While in Mobile, Alabama and in the company of business associates he had occasion to use a local bus.

“We had been on a night out when we decided to use a bus, which is normally a rarity in most states in America”, said Mr Trainor, who was asked for a $1.60 fare by the driver when he boarded the bus for the short trip.

“To the driver’s surprise, I produced my bus pass and was rightly asked what it was,” said Mr Trainor, going on to tell the driver that in his country buses were free.

“Gee is that so, well if that’s so it’s good enough for me. Welcome aboard, buddy”, said the driver, waving him on to the astonishment of Mr Trainor’s friends.

“I’ll be interested to see if my pass gets me on buses when I’m next in Europe, though I some how don’t think I’ll get away with using it in Greece”, said Mr Trainor who is more likely to be back in Mobile looking out for his new found bus driver friend. “But you never know. I’ll certainly be giving it a try.”