New composter delight for Ellon Can-Do service

Colin Clark MP and councillor Gillian Owen with Ellon Can-Do volunteers Jimmy Burnett and Adrian Irvine
Colin Clark MP and councillor Gillian Owen with Ellon Can-Do volunteers Jimmy Burnett and Adrian Irvine

A local training project is celebrating after the arrival of a Ridan composter and two maturation boxes.

The new equipment was delivered to Ellon Can-Do Community Recycling in April after it received funding from SUEZ and they have been put to good use already.

The project collects food waste from small local businesses, places it into the composter and it is turned into compost that is placed in the maturation boxes until it is needed.

The compost is currently being used on site at Ellon Can-Do to help grow the plants that are available to buy at the Castle Park Industrial Estate base.

Zena Gourlay, senior day centre officer, said: “We hope that by using our own compost we are doing our bit to save the environment and it also helps us to save money as there is no need for us to buy compost.

“We have brought in perennial plants for the first time so we will be using a lot more compost and it is also being used with our vegetables in the polytunnels.

“We are currently growing tomatos, salads and herbs, all using our own compost.”

MP for Gordon, Colin Clark, and Ellon & District councillor, Gillian Owen, visited Ellon Can-Do on Thursday, July 27 for a tour of the site and to see the new composter.

Zena added: “We are happy to have Gillian and Colin round to see what we are doing.”

Colin Clark MP said: “Any Aberdeenshire Council backed scheme is good for those in the community that need support and the composter is good for the environment.

“The diversification of work that they do here is fantastic - I visited Ellon Can-Do a few years ago so it is great to see that things have moved on since then.”

Cllr Owen said: “These services are brilliant for the community and they offer so much for both individuals and communities.

“We are really lucky to have services like Ellon Can-Do and Benchmark in the community and I love their plant sales!”

Ellon Can-Do is a day service project for adults with learning disabilities.

As well as its plants, the project collects used beverage cans from local businesses each week and sorts them at its Ellon base.

The cans are then collected and recycled.