New line-up at Newburgh WRI

President, Mrs Jean Robertson, welcomed members and guests to the April meeting of Newburgh WRI, the Rural song was sung without musical accompaniment and then secretary Mrs Kate Duncan read the report for the year 2013–2014 reminding us all of events both happy and sad.

Auchedly and Ythanbank Institute entertained with a varied programme as the votes for the new committee were being collated.

Annual awards: The Fullerton Cup for Most Points, Mrs Sarah Shackleton, The Milford House Cup to the Runner-Up, Mrs Margaret Singer, The Annie Middler Cup for Baking, Mrs Pearl Elrick, Mrs Isobel Shewan (Joint), The Walker Cup for Bulbs, Mrs Margaret Chandler, The Millennium Quaich for Crafts, Mrs Sarah Shackleton, The Jubilee Jam Pot for Preserves, Mrs Betty Wood, The Jubilee Cup for Little Treasures, Mrs Isabel Smith.

New Committee: President, Mrs Jean Robertson, vice President, Mrs Kate Duncan, secretary, Mrs Margaret Singer, treasurer, Mrs Betty Wood, press secretary, Mrs Sue Edwards, magazines, Mrs Isobel Shewan, competitions, Mrs Sarah Shackleton, raffles, Mrs Jan McAndrew, tea conveners, Mrs Sheila Moir and Mrs Amy Middler.

Following a delicious tea of sandwiches and homemade cakes, the competition winners were announced: 4 months syllabus: Mrs M Singer, Mrs S Edwards, Mrs S Shackleton. Baked potato with filling: Mrs I Shewan, Mrs P Elrick, Mrs L Paterson.

Mrs Robertson provided the vote of thanks. The next meeting will be on May 6 at 7.30pm in Newburgh Public Hall.