New-look for Ellon’s Victoria Hall clock

A full restoration project has been carried out on an iconic clock featured on one of Ellon’s most historic buildings.

Work to upgrade the clock at the town’s Victoria Hall started last week and is expected to be completed tomorrow (Friday).

During the project the clock’s dial has benefited from reglazing and redecoration and the installation of a new strike unit will now see the clock chime during the day but it will remain silent overnight.

The work - which has been carried out by Aberdeenshire Council’s public clock contractor James Ritchie and Son (clockmakers) Ltd of Broxburn, West Lothian - has also seen improvements made to the mechanisms and gearing behind the dial.

The corroded metals were blasted back to their original bare metal before they were primed ready for painting.

Final stages saw the brasswork within the mechanisms receive some polish and lacquer.

Victoria Hall secretary, Keith Hall has been watching the transformation and said: “Although the hall was completed in 1901, it was without the clock tower as funds at the time were not sufficient to include it in the initial build.”

When one of those behind the build, James H Brown who died in a tragic accident in the Alps in 1902, funds were raised to add the Brown Tower section therefore completing the clock system that can be viewed today.

Keith added: “Although it is now electrically driven its appearance is much the same today as it was when first installed.

“It is great to see it being restored to good working order and to have the faces re-coated and re-guilded, and panes renewed.

“The scope of work includes work on the supporting structure inside and new internal lights which will brighten up the area somewhat and enable folk to see the time in the dark.”