Newburgh WRI meeting

A good turn out appeared for the first Newburgh WRI meeting of the year.

The President, Mrs Robertson, welcomed all members and guests and wished everyone a ‘Happy New Year’.

The business was conducted following the singing of the rural song.

Then Mrs Robertson invited the speaker for the evening, one of their own members, Mrs Jan McAndrew, to the front.

The group looked forward to hearing Mrs McAndrew’s talk about her son’s wedding held in China.

Assisted by Mr Gordon Porter operating the computer, some slides that Mrs McAndrew had taken of China were shown, along with the Terracotta Army as well as the Great Wall.

Afterwards she moved on to the official Wedding DVD which had captions added by Mr Porter so that people were better able to understand what was happening on the screen.

The group learned that a wedding in China is not just about the two people involved, but more about the families as well.

It was obvious that Mrs McAndrew had thoroughly enjoyed her time in China.

Despite not being able to speak any Chinese and her new daughter in law’s parents speaking no English, she explained that they had been made to feel very welcome by everyone there.

The group gained a fascinating insight into the customs of another culture.

After a lovely tea was served, the competition winners were announced and were as follows:

Wedding Photo at least 60 years old: Mrs S. Shackleton, Mrs M Singer and Mrs K Duncan;

Sewn wedding favour: . Mrs M Singer, Mrs S Shackleton and Mrs M Chandler.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 4 at 7.30pm in the Public Hall, Newburgh. All are welcome to attend.

Details about Newburgh WRI can be found by contacting the secretary, Mrs Kate Duncanby calling on 01651 843777.